Multilayered Cloud Applications Autoscaling Performance Estimation


A multilayered autoscaling gets an increasing attention both in research and business communities. Introduction of new virtualization layers such as containers, pods, and clusters has turned a deployment and a management of cloud applications into a simple routine. Each virtualization layer usually provides its own solution for scaling. However, synchronization and collaboration of these solutions on multiple layers of virtualization remains an open topic. In the scope of the paper, we consider a wide research problem of the autoscaling across several layers for cloud applications. A novel approach to multilayered autoscalers performance measurement is introduced in this paper. This approach is implemented in Autoscaling Performance Measurement Tool (APMT), which architecture and functionality are also discussed. Results of model experiments on different requests patterns are also provided in the paper.

IEEE 7th International Symposium on Cloud and Service Computing (SC2)

My research interests include cloud computing, specifically focussing on serverless computing for heterogeneous systems, edge computing, and AIOps.