Scalable Infrastructure for Workload Characterization of Cluster Traces


In the recent past, characterizing workloads has been attempted to gain a foothold in the emerging serverless cloud market, especially in the large production cloud clusters of Google, AWS, and so forth. While analyzing and characterizing real workloads from a large production cloud cluster benefits cloud providers, researchers, and daily users, analyzing the workload traces of these clusters has been an arduous task due to the heterogeneous nature of data. This article proposes a scalable infrastructure based on Google’s dataproc for analyzing the workload traces of cloud environments. We evaluated the functioning of the proposed infrastructure using the workload traces of Google cloud cluster-usage-traces-v3. We perform the workload characterization on this dataset, focusing on the heterogeneity of the workload, the variations in job durations, aspects of resources consumption, and the overall availability of resources provided by the cluster. The findings reported in the paper wil l be beneficial for cloud infrastructure providers and users while managing the cloud computing resources, especially serverless platforms.

Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science - CLOSER

My research interests include cloud computing, specifically focussing on serverless computing for heterogeneous systems, edge computing, and AIOps.